Outdoor Activities

Running across the rail bridge over the Fitzroy River in Rockhampton

Replenish the soul, reconnect with nature and enjoy the outdoor life the region has to offer! The varied landscape accommodates a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy. Our constant sunshine allows you to soak up the rays (safely of course) or enjoy the shade – just make sure you have your hat, sunscreen and water!

Our parks and hiking trails are free and will get you out and about exploring our region up close and personal.

Mix with local exercisers and enjoy the river breeze on your face along the Fitzroy river bank. Take a walk or bike ride and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the iconic heritage buildings.

Walking and hiking

Take on one of the National Parks at Bouldercombe Gorge Resources Reserve, Limestone Creek Conservation Park or Mount Archer National Park. Mount Archer has a many walking and hiking tracks of varying difficulty providing a challenge for early morning and late afternoon fitness fanatics, with their efforts rewarded by stunning views and gentle breezes on the way up or down the summit. With walks from 500m to hikes of 14km you can explore as much or little as you like!

If taking it easy and strolling around is more your style, try one of the many walking tracks around the urban areas.

Walking tracks are located at:

  • Frenchville Road, Frenchville
  • Riverbank, Fitzroy River from Huish Drive down along Quay Street
  • Botanic Gardens, Rockhampton
  • Moores Creek Road, Frenchville
  • Cedric Archer Park, Gracemere

For those who need a helping hand to get out and about and be social, there are a number of Heart Foundation Walking Groups already established. No need to think, just rock up and join the pack. For more information visit heartfoundation.com.au.

Skate parks

Skate parks for skateboarders, scooter riders and BMX riders are a popular spot across the region. You can find your local park at:


For avid birdwatchers, or just nature enthusiasts looking for a relaxing spot to unwind a bird and wildlife viewing platform overlooking the lagoons on Lakes Creek is open daily 7am to 5pm.

General fitness

KickstartCQ is a dedicated service helping residents lead a healthy and active lifestyle. KickStartCQ is a joint health and wellbeing initiative of our local councils, providing a holistic and inclusive approach to support community health and its future wellbeing.