Dog Walking

Walking dogs in Rockhampton residential area of Frenchville

The easiest way to exercise your dog is to take it for a walk. Regular exercise will improve the mental health and physical wellbeing of both you and your dog. It is also proven to reduce nuisance behaviour such as barking, digging holes and destructive outbursts.

Mix with local walkers and runners and enjoy the river breeze on your face by walking with your dog along the Fitzroy river bank. Stop off at Victoria Park and let your dog socialise and run free with other dogs in the off leash area. A great way to get your daily exercise and fresh air whilst spending time with your pet!

Rockhampton offers a number of off the leash dog parks, allowing great areas for your pets to exercise and socialise. Dog parks are spread throughout the region, to find your closest dog park visit:


  • Kershaw Gardens, North Rockhampton with access via Charles Street.
  • Duthie Park, North Rockhampton with access via Thozet Road, Marsh Avenue, Lawrence Avenue and Wiggington Street.
  • Victoria Park, South Rockhampton with access via Huish Drive.

Gracemere & Mount Morgan

  • Ted Price Park in the sign posted area only with access via Breakspear Street and Holgate Close.
  • Number 7 Dam.

While in an off leash area it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the dog is under effective control at all times. It is important that you monitor your dog’s behaviour and ensure it does not cause a nuisance or become aggressive to other people or dogs.

Always clean up after your pet, even in off leash areas, and scoop the poop! If you leave your pet’s droppings in a public place you may be given an on the spot fine. Being a responsible pet owner means that you care about the actions of your dog.