Throughout the sub-tropics the emphasis is very much on casual wear when socialising and in the evenings “smart casual” is the accepted dress in restaurants, hotels and clubs. Although special events around the region have many donning their finest attire to join in, these clothes are usually crafted in light cottons or strategic layers that can be increased or decreased as the weather calls for it.

The majority of business premises and function centres are air-conditioned (climate controlled) and remain so throughout the year.

November to April

Hot days and very warm nights typify the Wet Season so anything goes as long as it is cool – shorts, light-weight shirts, cool tops, perhaps some light slacks. You would not need a jacket in the very warm evenings.

Raincoats are infrequently needed but when storms do arrive they often hang around for several days sometimes a week and release a significant amount of rain. The storms usually build over several days so carrying a coat or umbrella in your car or bag is often a good idea for when they finally release.

May to October

May turns on a combination of hot and cold days before you decide it really is time to pull your jumper permanently out of the cupboard. It can still be fairly warm during the day but the nights are becoming cooler.

If you have just moved here from a colder region of Australia or from a colder location overseas you may look at all the locals and wonder why we are snuggled into our jumpers, jeans and boots? Partly it is because our winter is so short that we have to make the most of any opportunity to wear these items in our wardrobe and partly it is because we are acclimatised to our beautiful warm weather …. Just give it 12 months and you will understand what we are talking about!

Through July and August the nights are quite cool so a jacket is a definite in the evenings. But through the middle of the days throughout this cooler dry season the days are spectacular and are gorgeous to grab some Vitamin D out in a really warm sunny spot. Again, light shirts, shorts (if you’re brave), and tops are still possible, with something warmer for night-time.

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