Saturday Night in Stage Lights

Published on 05 March 2019

Musical at Pilbeam Theatre

Dinner and a show. Like Fred and Ginger, they are a timeless classic, a tag-team combo representing a perfect, romantic night out. What better way to woo your sweetheart or reinforce your partner’s prime position than an evening out enjoying a meal together and following up with a performance at the Pilbeam?

The Pilbeam Theatre has all bases covered when it comes to offering something for everyone. And it isn’t just tutus and cellos – for those who like their culture a bit more relaxed and contemporary, there are regular live-music gigs, tribute shows and stand-up comedy sessions. For those who are drawn to more classical mediums like dance, stage plays, fine music and opera; there is plenty to satisfy in the Pilbeam’s See It Live program. 

So how does a night of dining and theatrics play out?

Well first things first, pick your show! There is a plethora of performances for you to choose from.

Next, choose your dining destination. Most shows tend to commence at 7.30pm (but not always so be sure to double check!) so settling on somewhere within striking distance is the way to go. Within cooee of the Pilbeam’s carpark is Bliss by Night, another highly deserving dinner hotspot. The nocturnal version of the daytime Café Bliss, Bliss by Night has a sensational range of seasonal tapas plates that offer fast and delicious pre-show sustenance. 

Of course it is only a short stroll along Victoria Parade from the Empire complex and high on the list of dining priorities has to be Pacino’s. For over 30 years the Pilcher family has been delivering their consistently well-conceived and expertly executed Italian dishes to the people of Rockhampton.

Okay, you have finished your meal, now to mosey along to your show. Hang on, if time permits, why not take a quick detour next door to the Gallery? With extended opening hours coinciding with the full See It Live season, the Gallery is the perfect pre-show pop in. Do a quick lap of the current exhibitions, score some prized picks from the gift shop or grab a drink before heading into the theatre for the main event. 

There is nothing quite like the thrill of entering the towering, twinkling pillars of the Pilbeam Theatre. The interior and embracing ambience combine to create an aura of occasion and when the bell tolls for patrons to take their seats, a palpable feeling of excitement surges through the milling crowd.

The ushers, the auditorium, the soaring ceiling, the drawn drapes and a deliberately crafted sense of drama all act to build an air of rising anticipation. And when the lights go down and the curtain goes up you are well and truly primed for a gripping performance. When the curtains close and lights are restored the uplifted crowd exits the space with camaraderie of shared experience. 

If you are not ready to head home, why not wrap up the perfect date night with a cheeky nightcap at the Boathouse? An excellent option for capping off the classic dinner-and-a-show double header. 

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