Behind the Mask

Published on 01 September 2019


Phantom of the Opera set to Haunt Rocky Theatre.

A first-time performance of The Phantom of the Opera is set to grace the Pilbeam stage this November, with rehearsals already well underway. With a stellar cast and production team on deck, the memory of the Phantom is sure to linger well after the curtains close.

The Phantom of the Opera has been dramatically played out across thousands of stages in front of millions for over thirty years since the first broadway show, and has become one of the most successful franchises of all time (yes, even surpassing Titanic).

Having mainly been performed in capital cities, this will be the first performance of its kind in Central Queensland, produced by the renowned Rockhampton Musical Union, adding this bill to their stellar list of previous productions.

Patricia Mckenna, the show’s producer, says that rehearsals have started and are going along wonderfully already, due to their impressive cast list and production team.

The production team ranges from choreographers, musical directors, stage managers, costume team, set designers, the director and producer, to stagehands - and all departments are in full swing planning and preparing.

The cast has been uniquely curated and handpicked, including home-grown talent with international experience and qualifications under their belts, and many of whom have even grown up in the Union.

“There is a particular set of skills required for this play – musically, vocally, costumes, the set – everything. We also have to retrain our choir with operatic preparations for vocal support.”

“It so wonderful that we’ve had our Rocky born and raised performers come home with all of their experience from overseas,” Patricia says.

Phantom will be something to be seen and amazed by.”

Lachlan Scheuber, an RMU prodigy, who has extensive experience here at home as well as in London, will play the enviable position of the Phantom of the Opera. Having performed a major role in Les Miserables, Lachlan is no stranger to the extravagance and challenges of a major production.

Francesca Higgins, playing the role of Christine Daae, shares a similar story to that of Lachlan’s, having performed extensively in RMU and local productions, and brings with her music theatre qualifications from Sydney.

“We’re very lucky to have such a talented company of performers who have a brilliant set of skills that will really just make this show spectacular,” Patricia says.

Patricia recognises that with the magnitude of the play it will be a major undertaking, but she is confident that they’ll be able to carry it off impressively.

“We have two directors for this play, and some insider knowledge to be able to pull off all the little secrets involved with making the show really special.”

Grant Whitfield, co-director to Joy Philippi, has worked on and performed in numerous Phantom productions previously, and brings invaluable knowledge to the set.

Also sure to excite die-hard fans, set designer Ross James has even been able to secure items from a major previous Phantom production, excitingly including the famous chandelier.

As an Andrew Lloyd Webber composed play, the orchestra will be the biggest one yet with over thirty-five musicians. The choreography element also requires a special set of skills and training, as all of the dances are ballet influenced.

Presented by: The Rockhampton Musical Union

When: Friday 1st November 7.30pm | Saturday 2nd November 1.30pm Matinee & 7.30pm | Sunday 3rd November 1.30pm Matinee

Where: Pilbeam Theatre

Cost: Adults - $52 | Concession - $48 |

Children (2-17 years) - $38 | Family of 4 - $152 |

Group of 6 - $48 each | FOT - $48


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