A birdwatchers paradise 

There’s an abundance of birdlife in the Rockhampton Region, including the beautiful Glossy Black Cockatoo, Laughing Kookaburra, Red-backed Fairy-wren, Striated Pardalote and Australian Brush-turkey.

Here’s our top five places around Rockhampton to catch a glimpse of resident and migratory feathered friends:

Lakes Creek Road Waste Management Facility: A purpose-built bird watching platform allows good views over the lagoon where you can see large numbers of Magpie Geese, Cormorants, Pelican, Ibis and Raptors such as Whistling and Black Kites.

Rockhampton Botanic Gardens, Murray Lagoons: Over 100 species of birds have been recorded at the Gardens including Pink-eared Duck, Cotton-pygmy Goose, Australasian Shoveler, Great-crested Grebe and Little Corella (a free copy of Birds of the Murray Lagoon is available from the Gardens Office).

Springers Lagoon, Gracemere: A deep water lagoon that is accessible from Sullivan Road. Home to diving birds such as Cormorants and Hardheads with Fairy Wrens and finches also to be found in the grassy verges.

Yeppen Lagoon, Allenstown:  Accessed from the eastern end of Blackall Street or via the Botanic Gardens. Yeppen is a long, narrow and deep lagoon which is good for Cormorants, diving ducks and seabirds such as Caspian, Gull-Billed and Whiskered Terns. The pathway’s fringing woodland is good for bush birds.

Queens Park, Glenmore: Running beside Glenmore Road, this parkland has large eucalyptus trees lining the river bank with grassy areas below. Get the binoculars out to see raptors such as Whistling Kite and grass birds such as Double-barred Finch and Red-backed Fairy Wren.